The Pillar Lounge and Cafe

Hear each other.

The Pillar was designed because I wanted people to share their passions.  I've always enjoyed stimulating conversation, but could not seem to find a decent environment in which to have it, or to meet others with similar ideas. The closest I found was a diner.  At one such diner, I decided that it would be really nice to open a place where people just came in and talked, with very few distractions.  This is where the idea of The Pillar was born.   Hookahs were the perfect device to facilitate this vision. They are extremely social, and tend to inspire conversation.  Plus, they taste delicious.  We are open late because conversations usually open up more as inhibitions lower.  The comfortable couches will help to relax everyone, and the soul-filled coffee is there to keep the customers awake on these couches, so they won't sleep through their dreams.  Put this together, and all that is needed is great minds -- people will start hearing each other again.

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